The American farmer can be as elusive as a pheasant in an October cornfield — at least when it comes to engaging them with your marketing. It takes a special kind of expertise born of being raised on a farm, plus 50 years combined hard-earned experience marketing a multitude of agricultural products and services. Diane Martin and Jeff Walter offer their Marketing to Farmers insights each week.

Diane Martin

Diane Martin has been marketing to farmers for nearly 30 years. Born and raised on a diversified crop and livestock farm in northeast Illinois, Diane still lives in corn and soy country with her husband who is a consulting agronomist. She studied agricultural communications at the University of Illinois with an emphasis in advertising. Throughout her career, Diane has helped market ag equipment, irrigation systems, cooperatives/retailers, animal health and nutrition products, swine and cattle genetics, precision ag and ag finance. As Chief Strategy Officer of Rhea + Kaiser, Diane combines her passion for marketing with her life-long experience in agriculture.

Jeff Walter

Passionate about all things farming and communications, Jeff was born and raised on a corn and soybean farm that his dad and brother still operate. He was active in the day-to-day workings of a modern farming operation, which also included poultry and livestock. Jeff studied ag communications at the University of Illinois, allowing him to combine two of his greatest passions. He has since helped market a vast array of crop protection, animal health and heavy equipment products in his career, while maintaining an interest and connection to the family farm. As the President and Chief Integration Officer of Rhea + Kaiser, his love of farming and communications has enabled Jeff to hone a sharp perspective on both.

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