The celebrity as ag spokesperson

The celebrity as ag spokesperson

Making the buzz about your brand A celebrity spokesperson is the ultimate stamp of approval, and it can be invaluable. Or can it? The combination of a celebrity and a brand offers endorsement, trust, name recognition and increased stock prices. In agriculture, we may have familiar personalities that represent the industry as a whole, those ... Read More
Marketing to Farmers is all about the dance

Marketing to Farmers is all about the dance

Put on a Garth shirt to market to farmers Every ag marketer dreams of posting numbers like Garth Brooks posts for audio downloads, CD sales, record sales, concert attendance…. Well, everything he touches. Though his audience is bigger than ours, setting a goal of grabbing the numbers that overlap with his is a worthy endeavor ... Read More
Don't forget to market to dealers, distributors and sales reps when marketing to farmers

Don’t forget to market to dealers, distributors and sales reps when marketing to farmers

It's not enough to arm them with sales tools; brands must engage them, too. Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting to the Georgia Crop Production Alliance (GCPA). I traveled from the corn and soybean fields near my home in the central Corn Belt to Cordele, Georgia, where they raise pecans, peanuts and cotton. I ... Read More
integration of marketing and operations in ag thumb

The integration of operations and marketing in ag

You can’t have one task without the other. Marketing to Farmers views the farmer, rancher, veterinarian and ag dealer as the Chief Everything Officer. By that we mean they are the Chief Technology, Information, Marketing and Operations Officer, in addition ... Read More
The importance of audience in integrated marketing

The importance of audience in integrated marketing

We’ve all made assumptions. We think we know something, only to realize whatever we thought we knew couldn’t have been further from the truth. If only we had asked… Isn’t that the point? ... Read More
marketing precision ag tech

Questions to consider when marketing precision ag tech to farmers

Precision agriculture (or ag tech or digital farming) is hardly new technology, getting its commercial start in the early 1990s. But in recent years, we are seeing warp-speed adoption on the farm and even faster proliferation of new precision ag tools, platforms and systems ... Read More
top 7 steps to a successful product launch in the ag market

7 steps to a successful ag product launch

Making the most of marketing to generate news and interest. If you’ve worked in agriculture for even a day, you know that bringing a new product to market involves years of research and development, field trials to validate product performance and safety, and customer research to understand market needs and ensure market acceptance. Bringing a ... Read More
Local marketing

How local do you go when marketing to farmers?

From online to on the shelves, making marketing a local affair. It’s important to get local when marketing to farmers. But what does going local mean? The definition of local is relative when looking at business in the 21st century. As more and more businesses are either online or have an online component, it takes ... Read More
Differentiate your brand when marketing to farmers

When every brand looks the same: how to stand out amongst the crowd

As the marketplace fills with competition, setting yourself apart is more important than ever. We all know that brand differentiation is key in standing out from the crowd and building loyalty. But, as new technologies emerge, generics gain traction and competition intensifies, differentiating brands in the ag space is getting more complicated and more necessary ... Read More
preparing for crisis management in agriculture marketing

Yes, you can plan for a crisis

How to manage the crisis before it happens. No one wants to go through a crisis. But crises do happen, even in ag – equipment fails, animal welfare activists go on the attack, a key executive goes to the competition, herbicide inventory falls way short of demand or a farmer is injured.  Unfortunately, most people ... Read More