storytelling for marketing to farmers

One of the oldest forms of communication still works.

Storytelling may be the most overused word in marketing. But there must be something to it for it to be so enduring and popular. And there is — storytelling can be highly effective when done well. Especially when marketing to farmers.

Why stories work so well

A big reason for storytelling’s effectiveness is the emotion. Stories just naturally have it. A lot of decisions, including purchase decisions, are based on emotion — even farm purchase decisions that you would think were purely black and white and based on thorough, run-the-numbers analysis. And it’s at the emotional level that brands truly connect with people.

Peter Guber, a renowned entertainment executive, says in his Harvard Business Review article on storytelling that the mind may be part of your target, but the heart is the bullseye.

Now, you might think storytelling is purely about entertainment, but Guber says that the use of a story is not only to delight, but also to instruct; that it is one of the most powerful tools for achieving results.

He also says that many people believe storytelling somehow isn’t authentic. But in reality, great storytelling does not conflict with the truth. It’s always built on the integrity of the story and its teller.

5 tips for creating great stories

  1. When creating advertising or developing content targeting farmers, take the time to get aligned with what they know about, care about and want to hear, and let that inform your thinking so your product and brand story resonates with them.
  2. Your story needs an arc to carry it along. It must have a clear beginning, middle and end. Sort of like a journey, which is what it is.
  3. You’ll need some conflict. Without it, there’s no story. What happens along the way and where does it take us?
  4. Make sure the story is relatable to your farmer audience on a human level. Stories about people have more impact than those about inanimate objects.
  5. Have your story teach a valuable lesson – something farmers can take with them and hold on to long after they have heard the story. There’s a better chance farmers will retain your product or brand right along with the story.

Storytelling may be of the oldest forms of communications, but it can breathe new life into your farmer-oriented products and brands.